About FleetED

Fleet ED is your premier online source for fleet management education! Whether you are looking for something specific or just trying to figure out what you need to know, Fleet ED will guide you in finding valuable fleet management education content.

One major thing to keep in mind about Fleet ED, is that it is a tool for researching resources that pertain to fleet management. Resources within Fleet ED are listed as articles or clickable website links. NAFA members can request an article if a clickable link is not available by checking the Request Article check box underneath the article listing. In order to do this however, you must be logged into the NAFA website as a NAFA member.

Fleet ED also offers many ways for searching information. You can begin a quick search by entering selected keywords or phrases in the Search Fleet ED area. You can also expand to an advanced search to have the opportunity to enter keywords, article titles, journals etc. in order to refine your search. This is done through our Online Library and you must be logged into the NAFA website as a NAFA member in order to access this area.

Fleet ED will be continually growing and evolving in order to make researching for fleet information easier for everyone. We welcome your feedback on Fleet ED and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Happy researching!

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