Fleet ED is your premier online source for fleet management education! Whether you are looking for something specific or just trying to figure out what you need to know, Fleet ED will guide you in finding valuable fleet management education content.

Fleet ED's landing page offers an easy way to jump right to an area within fleeted. Offering four major areas of fleet research below:

  • Online LibraryFleetED's Online Library is designed to help you, the fleet professional, gather even more information pertinent to your research by offering a full listing of resources that we have available according to your specified topic.
  • Benchmarking — Here Fleet managers can search quality benchmarking data to compare how their fleet stacks up to the competition and to find new ways to provide cost-savings to their organization.
  • Sample Tools — Our Sample Tools are a listing of usable templates (forms, RFP's and policies) that can be utilized by the Fleet Manager to help in their day-to-day procedures.
  • Resources — FleetED's Resources host a large database of websites and documents that are that are pertinent to fleet management.

The landing page also offers a listing of upcoming webinars, NAFA videos and an area for more defined search. For example, if you are looking for information on RFP's, you can enter the keyword "RFP" into the search bar and receive a list of FleetED resources that are currently available under that topic. NAFA members have the added benefit of downloading member references or sharing the information with their friends and colleagues through email or social networks. NAFA members also have the benefit of requesting an article if a clickable link is not available by checking the Request Article check box underneath the article listing. The article will then be sent to you from NAFA headquarters.

Search results are now grouped to help you find information more efficiently. You can view results by specific article or category types. To do so, scroll your mouse over the appropriate listing and click your mouse. For some, you will see sub-listings of various article types, that break down the resources even further in order to help refine your search. My FleetED users who are logged in will be able to add or delete articles to or from their favorites in order to view them at a later date.

My FleetED is an area where you can personalize and manage resources during your FleetED experience. Frequent visitors of FleetED will find the My FleetED area extremely helpful. As a NAFA member, once you login, you will automatically have access to your very own personalized My FleetED page. Non-NAFA members will need to submit a personal profile in order to get a personalized My FleetED page. My FleetED will search and present all current resources related to your profile. Also in My FleetED, you can customize feeds for your favorite Fleet News, Quick links to references as well as update your My FleetED profile (please note however, this does NOT update your NAFA membership profile). You can also view all of your favorite articles that you have selected throughout your research on FleetED.

A complete listing of current and past Webinars are listed within FleetED as well. Current webinar listings will be available for registration to both NAFA and Non-NAFA members. Some webinars are non-paid webinars and others are paid webinars. These specifications will be listed in the webinar information whre you can view speaker information, time and date as well as a brief description of the webinar. Some archived webinars will offer a recording link to view the presentation, however it will only be available online for those who have attended the webinar and available upon request for non-attendees. Should the webinar you are requesting be a paid webinar, and you did not attend the webinar, you will be asked to submit payment for the webinar prior to obtaining the webinar recording link.

FleetED will be continually growing and evolving in order to make researching for fleet information easier for everyone. We welcome your feedback on FleetED and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Happy researching!

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