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*   NAFA Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Spotlight
(White Papers  September 2013)

This spotlight focuses on the measures and metrics that fleet managers use to understand and administer their fleet. These Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are indispensable in effectively managing a fleet. The following report summarizes the result of a survey of 25 large North American fleets. 

*   NAFA Replacement Spotlight - June 2013
(Utilimarc  June 2013)

This spotlight focuses on vehicle replacement and the variables that affect a company’s vehicle replacement strategy. The following case study was developed using Utilimarc’s Vehicle Replacement Model and data from two clients who run light duty pickup trucks. Though both companies run comparable vehicles, key differences in utilization and labor rates yield vehicle replacement schedules that are unique to each company.  

*   Happy Days Are Here Again
(Fleet Solutions  May/June 2013)

The roughest economic times may finally be ending for fleet managers. Four years ago when NAFA asked the membership if the current state of the economy was playing a role in reducing the size of their fleets, 43 percent said it was. Today, that number is cut in half, and nearly 30 percent say their fleet is actually increasing in size.

*   NAFA Mechanic Spotlight - March 2013
(White Papers  March 2013)

This Mechanic Spotlight reports give benchmarking data on mechanic wages and billable hours per mechanic.  The report is based on 2011 data from more than 75 utility and municipal companies across the United States and Canada. 

*   Are Your Technicians Happy?
(Government Fleet  Oct-12)

This survey reveals how fleet technicians feel about their jobs and what makes them stay. Find out what they're proud of an what they want you to change.

*   Trends in Executive Fleet Vehicle Management
(Fleet Financials  Oct-12)

Fleets utilize executive vehicle programs as compensation or perks. Several luxury automakers discuss their programs and current trends.

*   NAFA Light Duty Pickup Report - October 2012
(Utilimarc  October 2012)

The Light-Duty Pickup Report includes data on the total average annual cost for light-duty pickups; operating costs per mile (net fuel); average annual internal technician labor hours per 1,000 miles driven; average annual miles driven; and more. This valuable data would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for an organization.

*   NAFA's 2012 New Vehicle Acquisition Survey
(Fleet Solutions  September/October)

When it comes to new vehicle acquisition, public fleets and corporate fleets handle the task with vastly different approaches with few signs of change.

*   NAFA Marked Squad Report - July 2012
(White Papers  PPV Marked Squad Sedan)

PPV Marked Squad Sedan

*   Trends In Fleet Composition 1990 - 2012
(Automotive Fleet  Jul-12)

The total number of fleet vehicles operated by company fleets showed some growth, some shrinkage, and a lot of change.

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