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*   High Cost of Fuel Increases Operating Costs in 2007
(Automotive Fleet  Nov-07)

2007 fleet operating costs have increased, but at a slower pace than in 2006. Across all vehicle segments, this increase was directly attributable to increased fuel costs.

*   Comprehensive Fuel Management
(Automotive Fleet  Nov-07)

October crude oil prices hit a high of $83.90 a barrel. Gasolinedemand dropped once again in October and was at the lowest level seen since February.

Toxic Cars in Law Enforcement
(Police Fleet Manager  Sep-06)

If you do pre-purchase inspections, roadside vehicle searches, impound searches, work on or around used cars, or handle used parts, you’re at risk. One concern is most of us in the business don’t pay much attention to all the tiny everyday nicks and scratches that happen around cars and equipment.

*   Ten Important Performance Measures
(Police Fleet Manager  Sep-05)

Although there are countless performance measures that may be used to gauge a fleet’s success, there are 10 particular criteria that are arguably considered the most important for determining the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a fleet operation.

The Best Maintenance Tip
(Police Fleet Manager  Dec-03)

According to a poll of police fleet managers and technicians, the best maintenance tip for keeping police vehicles ready to go is keep up a regular maintenance plan. What differed across the board was a basic maintenance plan setup and implementation procedures.

*   Benchmarking in an Era of Hightened Accountability & Budget Constraints
(Government Fleet  May/June 2003)

At no time is it more important for fleet manager to understand, to quantify, and to articulate the strengths and weaknessess of their fleet operation than during an econmic downturn.

*   2000-Model Year Domestic Vehicle Platform Designations
(Automotive Fleet  Oct-99)

How dometic manufacturers refer internally to their various models.

*   10 Trends That Will Impact the used-Vehicle Market in 2000
(Automotive Fleet  Oct-99)

Wholesale demand forused commerical fleet vehicles was strong in 1999- model yeat; however, resale values, although also strong remained flat when compared to last year. As we start the new model-year, what are the forecasts for 2000 used -vehicle market?

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