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*   Slow To Pass, FAST Is Finally Here
(Fleet Solutions  March/April 2016)

It’s taken years, but Congress has finally enacted a multi-year 'down-payment' on a 21st century transportation system.

*   NAFA In The News
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

Tina Lynn Mercardo, CEM, Named NAFA’s Director Of Meetings & Events
In Memoriam: NAFA Past President Salvatore “Sal” Giacchi, CFM/CAFM®

*   Vehicles Caught In The Storm
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

With wild weather becoming a rule and not an exception, there's every possibility that fleet vehicles will be caught in severe weather. What are safety measures everyone driving through a storm should know?

*   Electric & Hybrid Batteries Part II
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

The cost, range, charging times, and necessary infrastructures have been concerns with electric and hybrid cars. What is needed to make the electric car commonplace in every fleet and how far away is that reality?

*   Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

"Do more with less" has become commonplace in all areas of business, including fleet. But there is a fine line between cutting costs and cutting corners, in finding efficiencies without sacrificing service.

*   Fleet Excellence Award Winners
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

Member Of The Year: Claude Masters, CAFM® and Affiliate Of The Year: Phil Moser

Safety First: Workplace Safety: A Value - Not A Resolution
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

SAFETY IS A jOURNEY. It's about trying to find ways to improve. This improvement translates into injuries prevented and lives saved - a very worthy cause.

*   Digging Deep Into Fleet Safety Auditing
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

You know about auditing your fleet for financial purposes – for deterministic purposes (lifecycles) – but what is your audit process for safety purposes?

*   Index to Advertisers
(Fleet Solutions  January/February 2016)

*   Getting To 500: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Batteries
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

In the realm of electric vehicles, the numbers "200" and "500" are somewhat mythical, magical signposts. But with electric vehicle batteries becoming smaller, lighter, longer-running, faster-charging, and less expensive, these mile markers are becoming much more than dreams.

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