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*   The Controversial Issues That Will Affect Fleet
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

The world of fleet is constantly evolving. And while the industry is driving many of the changes - such as new technologies - sometimes the outside world comes calling. Staying on top of these political challenges - and ensuring that fleet policies are nimble enough to respond - is critical to success.

*   Getting The Most From Tires
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

To know what fleet is looking at right now in the tire industry, it might be helpful to see what came before. Examples abound throughout decades of manufacturers and entrepreneurs making changes to tires, weighing improvements in safety and function against form.

*   Spotlight: Ray Breault
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

In many ways, Ray Breault is one of the best examples of a professional in the fleet industry. He began with NAFA in 1960, has weathered changing job positions, and has worked as both a fleet manager and as a products/service provider.

*   Efficiency Is Key In Gas Fleets
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

An array of fueling opportunities is opening to fleet, some of which are new looks at old ideas, while others were science fiction only a decade ago. Even so, gasoline will remain a part of the fleet landscape for many years to come.

FLEXY: Douglas Bond, Erin Gilchrist, Ricky Nieman
(Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

  • Erin Gilchrist: FLEXY Winner for Corporate Fleet Management and Corporate Fleet Sustainability
  • Ricky Nieman:  FLEXY Winner for Public Fleet Management
  • Douglas Bond:  FLEXY Winner for Public Fleet Sustainability
  • *   Safety First: Get To Know New Vehicle Safety Features
    (Fleet Solutions  November/December 2015)

    Get To Know Your New Vehicle Safety Features By Alex Epstein, National Safety Council

    *   Prioritizing Safety
    (Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

    Several methods and products aim to improve safety. But what really works? The best place to learn is through fellow fleets, with an eye toward what they've employed, what they've experienced – and what has proven successful.

    *   Work Zones And The Move Over Law
    (Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

    By making sure that everyone who gets behind the wheel knows there are Move Over laws, perhaps drivers will think a moment longer before making a tragic choice. 

    *   Spotlight: David Dunn, City of Orlando
    (Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

    David Dunn, Fleet and Facilities Division Manager for the City of Orlando, has had the kind of career you might only see in the movies. But, even after all the adventures of former years, he says his current job 'is absolutely the best job I’ve ever had.'

    *   30 Years Of excellence: CAFM® The Industry Standard
    (Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

    To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of CAFM®, NAFA is taking our certification programs even farther in 2015.

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