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NAFA Energy Equivalents
(NAFA Publications  )

A listing of energy equivalents of various fuels

*   Battling Corrosion
(Fleet Maintence  November/December 2010)

Methods for preventing and controlling corosion on vehicles and equipment.

Trailer Topics: Two New Ways to Save Weight
(Fleet Equipment  Aug-10)

Fleets looking to reduce trailer weight have been learning how to leverage new technology. Two new options of interest are a lighter weight composite van body, and a new suspention system.

Management Techniques: It Pays to Outsource Tire Maintenance
(Fleet Equipment  Jun-10)

When it comes to outsourcing tire maintenance, the best programgs are custom-built in conjunction with service providers. Learn more.

*   Why Dealers Have Problems with Detailing
(Auto Remarketing  Jun-10)

Most auto dealers will cite a litany of problems when you talk to them about their detailing departments, from high labor and chemical costs, to poor quality work, to mess and disorganization.

*   Municipal Cost Index
(American City & County  May-10)

The Municipal Cost Index, developed exclusively by American City & County, is designed to show the effects of inflation on the cost of providing municipal services. State and local government officials rely on American City & County's Municipal Cost Index to stay on top of price trends, help control price increases for commodities, make informed government contract decisions and intelligent budget planning.

*   Manheim 2010 Used Car Market Report
(Manheim Consulting  2010 Used Car Market Report)

In addition to our annual analysis of the economic factors impacting the wholesale and retail used vehicle markets, this year

NAFA I and E News
(NAFA Website  Apr-10)

Thank you for attending this year's Institute and Expo. Each issue of the I and E News is now available online.

*   Dealer Interest Strong for Repo Units
(Auto Remarketing  Mar-10)

Dealers might not necessarily be asking auctions specifically about repossessed vehicles, but when a rep unit comes down a lane, it

Fleet Manager Salary Analysis
(  Current)

The median expected salary for a typical Fleet Manager in the United States is $77,359. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals

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