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(  Jan-10)

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*   Best Practices In Fleet Fuel Management
(Government Fleet  January/February 2010)

Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management
(  Jun-09)

For supervisors and managers with direct or indirect responsibility for vehicle maintenance management, describes practical, cost- effective principles and practices that can be used in daily work operations, and illustrates how the implementation of these principles results in better continuous control of vehicle maintenance.

Fleet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator
(Environmental Defense Fund  Jan-09)

NAFA, teaming up with the Enviornmental Defense Fund to create the Fleet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator. This tool will help you measure your fleet's greenhouse gas emissions using fuel consumption data you already have. Enter aggregate fuel use data for your whole fleet or for different types of fuels and vehicles.

AAMCO Now Offers Flex Fuel Conversion Kit for Fleets
(Automotive Fleet  Apr-08)

AAMCO has partnered with Flex Fuel U.S. to launch

*   The Truck Stops Here
(Public Works  February 2008)

This article discusses proper preparation for proper specifying of trucks.

Bausch & Lomb Expands Vision of Alt-Fuel/Hybrid Future
(Automotive Fleet  Oct-07)

 Bausch & Lomb has deployed flex-fuel, hybrid, and four-cylinder vehicles into its fleet, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut fleet costs.

*   Cold War Law Could Hurt U.S. Automakers in Russia
(Automotive News  Oct-07)

The Jackson-Vanik amendment, enacted in 1974, was designed to ensure that sitizens of the former soviet Union, primarily Russian Jews, could emigrate without oppressive governemnt resctrictions.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Factsheet
(NAFA Publications  )

This factsheet gives emissions standards for diesel engines manufactured after January 1, 2007. It was created by NAFA's Fuels & Technology Committee Chair, Richard Teebay, which can help fleet managers during the transition to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or Biodiesel.

Weighing Outsourcing's Value
(Light & Medium Truck  Oct-06)

Make sure the vendor grasps your specialized equipment upkeep needs before handing off your fleet maintenance.

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