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Law Guide For Fleet Professionals
(NAFA Store  )

Your organization has legal counsel to guide you after the fact, but the NAFA Law Guide provides a wealth of knowledge on key legal subjects. This is the kind of guidance that can help keep you from needing more extensive services.

Fuel Management Guide
(NAFA Store  )

Effective fuel management is an integral part of fleet operations. Fleet managers must comply with regional environmental policies and regulations and remain up to date on alternative fuels and emerging technology. This Guide addresses all of these issues as they pertain to conventional and alternative fuels in the context of both in-house and commercial fuel programs for centralized and decentralized fleets.

Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide
(NAFA Store  )

An expanded update of our Fleet Maintenance Staffing Guide. An in-depth coverage of the essential maintenance principles of in-house, contracted or outsourced maintenance. This product is almost 540 pages. Due to its size it will not be available in print.

*   Always Be Safe
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2013)

Safety requires diligence and full commitment to reap the full benefits.  Safety is even more of an imperative in fleet, because vehicles must share the road with a "civilian" driver force.

*   The Robot Fleet
(International Fleet World  September 2013)

Autonomously driving vehicles are claimed to be only a few years away, and will bring significant cost and safety benfits to fleets.

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