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*   Work Zones And The Move Over Law
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

By making sure that everyone who gets behind the wheel knows there are Move Over laws, perhaps drivers will think a moment longer before making a tragic choice. 

*   Spotlight: David Dunn, City of Orlando
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

David Dunn, Fleet and Facilities Division Manager for the City of Orlando, has had the kind of career you might only see in the movies. But, even after all the adventures of former years, he says his current job 'is absolutely the best job I’ve ever had.'

*   30 Years Of excellence: CAFM® The Industry Standard
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of CAFM®, NAFA is taking our certification programs even farther in 2015.

*   What Do You Really Want From Telematics?
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

New vehicles are already more computer than machine, and with such technology available, fleet vehicle telematics are becoming more a necessity than an option.

*   National Safety Council Safety First
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

With Precious Cargo Back On Our Roadways, It’s Time To Re-examine Safe Driving Policies

*   NETS Drive Safely Work Week
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

NAFA is proud to once again sponsor the annual Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) campaign organized by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

Club NAFA: Don Rittenhouse
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2015)

Don Rittenhouse NAFA Member Since 1975

*   2015 Institute & Expo Recap
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2015)

The I&E, co-located for the first time with the International Fleet Academy, took place the week of April 13 in Orlando, FL. It featured targeted educational sessions, rich networking opportunities, and recognition of outstanding fleets and individuals. 

*   A New View With Vehicle Equivalency Units
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2015)

Vehicle equivalency units (VEUs) require a little research and a lot of addition, multiplication, and division. But they can prove useful in helping fleets determine adequate staffing levels in their mechanic shops.

*   Paving A Path For Fleet Sustainability
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2015)

There has been a lot of dedication and hard work filtered into the Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program to make sure it is done right and provides results for fleets. Participants and developers of the program alike see a bright future for the program and its aim to improve fleet sustainability efforts  all around.

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