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*   2012 Alternative Fuel and Technology Review
(Canadian Automotive Fleet  June/July 2012)

Fleet operators are making greening their fleets a top priority. In turn, OEMs are coming up with a wide variety of vehicles and technologies. Manufacturers each have a different way of greening their vehicles. CAF looks at the options available.

*   Hug That Tree
(Fleet Solutions  May/June 2012)

The Bottom-Line Benefits of a Sustainable Fleet

*   Fuel Cell Vehicles
(Fleet Maintenance  May-12)

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in a fuel cell, with the only emission being water.

New Study Analyzes Total Cost of Ownership for Alt-Fuel Vehicles
(Green Fleet  Apr-12)

While alternative-fuel vehicles carry an upfront cost premium, the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle can be lower than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, according to Pike Research.

*   Evaluating Medium-Duty Truck Alternative-Fuel Technologies
(Green Fleet  March/April 2012)

When it comes to alternative-fuel systems for medium-duty (Class 4-7) trucks, one size does not fit all. Fleets have five green options to consider.

*   Leveraging Grants to Build a Superb Sustainability Program
(Green Fleet  January/February 2012)

These days, many fleets striving to begin or expan sustanability programs often get tripped up by lack of money, but there is help.

*   Green Practices Make Perfect
(Green Fleet  January/February 2012)

There isn

*   It IS Easy Being Green
(  Jan-12)

There are numerous second-stage manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers who can convert gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles to a variety of alternative-fuel options, delivering the same performance with the benefits of a lower total cost of ownership.

*   Closing the 'Barn Door': The Benefit of a Green Garage
(Green Fleet  Jan-12)

While many fleets have invested heavily in energy-efficient vehicles to green their rosters, they

*   Leveraging Grants to Build a Superb Sustainability Program
(Green Fleet  Jan-12)

With the advent of new and improved fuel technology, more fleets are taking advantage of alternative fuels and creating greener, more sustainable fleets. But, despite their best efforts,fleets face a major roadblock: funding.

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