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*   Green Practices Make Perfect
(Green Fleet  Jan-12)

Cash-strapped organizations often think the only way they can possibly go green is by purchasing alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs). While AFVs are one way to go, they aren

Paving The Road To Electrification
(Fleet Digest  Dec-11)

Is the timing right for Canadian to be investing in electric vehicles? EMC's new president, Chris Hill, believes it is, and he tells us why.

*   Modifying Driver Behavior: The 'Last Mile' in Greening a Fleet
(Green Fleet  September/October 2011)

If you are constrained by equipment limitations, the last mile to achieving corporate sustainability objectives is modifying driver behavior. This is possibly the greatest opportunity available to fleet managers to green their fleets.

*   What is the Future of All-Electric Medium-Duty Trucks?
(Green Fleet  September/October 2011)

What makes medium-duty trucks conducive to all-electric drive technology? What

*   Using Technology to Impact Driver Behavior
(Green Fleet  July/August 2011)

The canable data captured through telematics systems is helping fleet managers promote and teach eco-driving practices among company drivers.

*   Partnership encourages fleet fuel reduction
(Fleet Equipment  May 2011)

One of the opportunities for fleets that take part in the National Clean Fleets Partnership is the ability to replace gasoline and diesel vehicles with alternative fuel models powered by electricity, natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and propane.

Earn money with an indle control program
(Fleet Equipment  May-11)

There really is no valid reason for excessive idling, but there are some misconceptions that have lingered for years.

*   How To Find Available Money For Your Fleet
(Green Fleet  May/June 2011)

A record amount of grant and incentive funding for clean air vehicles is available, but fleet managers must be able to identify and successfully seek out these funding sources.

*   How Much Green Does It Take to Go Green?
(Green Fleet  May/June 2011)

By comparing the TCO of diesel, E-85, CNG, hybrid, and electric vehicle options with similar gasoline-fueled vehicles, fleet managers can determine the total cost of integrating alt-fuel vehicles into the fleet.

*   Time To Add A New Component in Calculating Total Cost of Ownership
(Green Fleet  May/June 2011)

This article points out the similarities and differences between US and European fleet markets embracing green fleet initiatives.

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