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Sustainable Procurement Guidelines
(Fleet Forum  Jan-11)

The Fleet Forum addresses the total environmental impact of vehicle fleets, many parametres must be examined throughout the supply chain and vehicle lifecycle. At the core of the supply chain is the purchasing of new vehicle stocks. Working in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), we have developed a sustainable procurement guidelines for transport that tackle the problem of how to procure vehicles with minimum negative environmental impacts and with the a view to sustainability.

Keeping Your Fleet Assets Sustainable Accountable and Auditable
(Awarenes Into Action  )

As the federal government becomes more focused on clean air, environmental impacts and sustainability, many more executive orders, public laws and guidelines have been put in place, making the balancing act even tougher. In addition to being accountable and auditable, federal fleets now have to be more sustainable, using less petroleum and producing fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Sustainable Cities Institute
(Sustainable Cities Institute Website  Jan-11)

Built by the Home Depot foundation, SCI is working with cities across the country as a resource to assist in planning and implementation of local sustainable strategies through the use of its vetted best practices, communication tools and an innovative City Program.

(Green Fleet  Summer 2010)

Building an environmentally responsible fleet requireds research, planning, and matching vehicles and technologies to applications and business needs. Two companies share best practices in developing sustainable fleet programs.

*   Importance of Fuel Cells and EVS
(Green Car Journal  Spring 2010)

Federal funding is the tight right now, forcing uncomfortable choices in direction budget dollars to alternative energy projects.

*   E85 Boosting
(Green Car Journal  Spring 2010)

Ethanol Injection Could Deliver Diesel-Like Performance.

*   NAFA's 2009 Green Fleet/Sustainability Survey
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2009)

Green Fleet and Sustainability initiatives have developed from being somewhat uncommon just a few years ago to being mainstream. NAFA's 2009 Green Fleet/Sustainability Survey found roughly three-fourths of the fleet managers polled say they currently have an initiative in place. Meanwhile, one-third of those who don't say they plan on starting one in the next few years.

*   Electric Highways
(Green Car Journal  Fall 2009)

The road to the future may produce its own electricity.

*   Catalysts of Change
(Green Car Journal  Fall 2007)

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